2019 Highlights

We’re looking back on all that came to fruition in 2019 and feeling very grateful—for our volunteers, artists, board and all the folks who participate in our activities and events.  We’re also incredibly thankful for donors like you who make our work possible!

We believe that when the arts thrive, our community thrives!  ArtsLink is committed to integrating creativity into all aspects of community life by bringing leadership and energy to Reedsburg’s growing arts sector.

Please check out our 2019 highlights below and consider a tax-deductible donation to help us advance a culture of creativity in our community.  Gifts of any amount will help us continue our work in 2020 and beyond. Again, thank you for your ongoing support!

One of the 20 Poems hung in downtown Reedsburg

Hosted a variety of artists and 1,000 visitors during our 5th Reedikulus Arts Crawl in Reedsburg’s Downtown.
Right: Woodrow performs on S. Walnut Street.
Far Right: Visitors color in a mural featured by LK Design & Photography.
Photos by Tristan Rothwell.

Entrance to Painted Forest.

Hosted Spring and Fall Reedsburg Area High School Art Exhibitions. 
Right: Molly McBride, winner of Best of Show Spring 2019 with her parents Joleen and Kevin McBride.
Far Right: Hailee Wood, winner of Best of Show Fall 2019 with her submission, "Looking Inward."

Katie Schofield's display on Walnut St.

Commissioned large-scale public art in City Park that hundreds of participants helped complete. 
Pictured: Visitors to City Park add twine to artist Peter Krsko’s Reedikulus Polychrome Wildflower. 

Poet reads during a Public reading of 20 Poems.
The band Woodrow playing on South Walnut Street.
Picture of the Band Wrannock playing at Painted Forest.
Image of Molly McBride, a Reedsburg Area High School student artist.
Visitors walk through public art in alleyway.
Visitors add twine to Wildflower.

Installed 20 unique poems throughout downtown Reedsburg as part of the 20 Poems Project.
Far Left: The first poem on the 20 Poems Scavenger Hunt is by WI Poet Laureate Max Garland.  Photo by Max Garland.
Left: Lynn Russell reads her poem at the first public reading of the 20 Poems at the Reedsburg Public Library.

Visitors painting a mural.

Partnered with Edgewood College for our third season of Second Sundays at Ernest Hupeden’s Painted Forest in Valton, WI.
Far Left:  The entrance to the Painted Forest.
Left:  The band, Wrannock, performs inside The Painted Forest.



Hailee Wood, Best of Show Fall 2019

Created opportunities for the work of local artists creating public art for Downtown Reedsburg. 
Far Left: One of 3 murals installed by local artist Katie Schofield in conjunction with the Reedikulus Arts Crawl.  Photo by Katie Schofield.
Left: Visitors experience Reedsburg artist Eben Christiansen's mixed media  installation “rather they whisper”  during the 2019 Reedikulus Arts Crawl.

Visitor adds twine to Wildflower.
Harvest Park Spring Clean Up 2018
Children spinning the Ruminant's tire.

Maintained Harvest Park, home of the award-winning Ruminant, and raised funds to complete the final phase of landscaping in 2020!
Pictured Left to Right:
Volunteers Jan and Carolyne Aslaksen work on Spring clean-up in the park.
Ruminant features 34 back-lit stained glass panels including this one of Robin in a Victory Garden.
In addition to Ruminant's stained glass panels, the wheels of the harvesting combine still turn, creating an interactive element that kids love!

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