Reedsburg ArtsLink works to unify, enrich and enliven its community via the arts.


The Reedsburg Area is vibrant with creative activity year-round and increasingly recognized as an arts hub in South Central Wisconsin.


  • We value the role of artists within our community.
  • We support the Reedsburg area’s emerging creative culture by igniting passion and curiosity, openness, and diversity through arts education, exposure and discovery for all people.
  • We embrace the broadest possible spectrum of creative expression.
  • We live the ArtsLink name, linking artists with each other, artists and non-artists, and the arts with all aspects of community life.
  • We develop year-round opportunities for lively community arts engagement.
  • We maintain positive, trust-filled relationships within our community.
  • We build an organization that has sustainable revenue streams and a plan for the future.
Image of visitors walking downtown.
Image of stiltwalker downtown.
Image of violinists playing on sidewalk.


Artslink’s mission is to unify, enrich, and enliven our community via the arts. We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are necessary to carry out this mission to its fullest capacity. We also know that putting that belief into action requires nuanced, continuous work. It requires that we unlearn biases that make us complicit in upholding racist systems in our vision of, and for, our community. We commit to unlearning these narrow perspectives that hurt others and ourselves—and will work to overcome the practices of systemic oppression and structural racism. We will expand our vision and visibility to underrepresented populations and prioritize the inclusion of these groups in all dimensions of our work to build a stronger community and a more just organization.

*Unanimously approved by our Board of Directors on July 20, 2021.

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